I started this website to chronicle my journey. 

Three years ago I decided to start a travel blog as I dreamed of becoming location independent. While I had grown a moderate audience, and was able to live as a full time blogger in Asia, I recently closed this website due to a separation.

I went a different route with monetization than the one I’m approaching today. In the past I made a living through a mix of freelance writing and (predominantly) sponsored posts.

Now that I have moved back home and begun a full time job, I’m starting again with new websites with the aim of recreating the success of that original blog. I’m using this website to track my journey for the first two years.

Since I aim to monetize my blogs predominantly passively, I’m hoping this blog could be of future help to other travel bloggers on how to monetize passively with a smaller following. However, ofcourse I have to let you know that this is my first attempt at passive income streams, so I’m learning just like you are, and my success will likely be so and not that interesting in the beginning.


Join me?