August 2019: Blog Monthly Report

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I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for eight months already, time really flies by when you’re busy. In fact I’m equally terrified that its already August 2019, and surprised that its only August 2019. This year has gone past in a blink of an eye, but I also feel like it could be December already.

In August I launched an extra destination site and started prepping for a third, hence I’ve been a little busy. The SEO traffic on site #1 has finally started to grow and I have started to look a bit more into developing a Pinterest strategy.

As I may not have mentioned it in a while, you may be wondering why I keep my site names private?

I’m not trying to hide anything, its just because they’re so new and authority isn’t established, so I’m keeping the names private for now. Once they have grown to the point to get into Mediavine (25,000 sessions) I’ll switch over to their names alongside the site number.

Read on to see how the sites went this month.


Travel Blog Traffic Monthly Report

As always a disclaimer: I am splitting my efforts between multiple sites so don’t let my figures dissuade you from starting a blog. If you were focusing on one blog then by this point you could easily quadruple (or more) the traffic figures below.

I also don’t do anything more than create a pin to schedule, and find one keyword at this point – if you had more time you’d gain additional traffic through a better promotion schedule. This will be more of a focus for me once I have all the sites launched and aged.


Site #1: General Travel Blog

Well well well, look who finally made it to 1000 sessions. And it only took 8 months.


Site #1 is focused on SEO traffic so atleast half of that is traffic from organic search. I’m glad this site is finally starting to grow though, the struggle was real with this one.

I’m trying to niche this site down a bit more actually so expect this to have the vague title of Travel Niche Blog next month alongside site #2. I always had this niche in mind for the site but as I moved a ton of articles over from my old travel blog the niche isn’t clear at the moment.

Daily Traffic: Late 20’s to mid 40’s. I even had a few 50’s this month, so exciting.

DA: Still 16, I did a couple of collabs for this site in August so I’m hoping the DA will grow once the links are picked up by Moz.

New Articles: I’ve been focusing on my destination site (site #3) so have not written too many articles this month. I’ve written 2 articles which brings the total articles up to 44. And then in the second part of the month I got distracted by writing collabs. I also started a new Pinterest strategy in the final week of August which took a bit of time.


Site #2: Travel Niche Blog

I’m honestly surprised this site is still growing traffic as I’ve been so slack with it. Honestly, while I’m passionate-ish about this topic I find it the hardest to write for, so I decided moving forward I’m changing how I write for it. The parts I hate writing for it are not as relevant to the article but as they’re (minor) affiliate parts I’m hesitant to let them go.

I also was hesitant to let the writers write those part as I thought nobody could put the care into writing it the way I could. However I’ve trialled it and am happy with how my writers write it. I’m condensing those two annoying-to-write sections and getting the writers to write them so I can instead write some more interesting parts of the article.

Also, I know its still so small, but I’m super stoked it made it to 2000+ sessions this month. I really didn’t expect it and it seems to have made it there purely as I started a Pinterest promotion strategy in the last week of the month.

Daily Traffic: Anywhere between 50’s to mid 70’s and 80’s as the month progressed. I have also had a few days with 90-100 sessions. It’s an increase of around 30% from last month.

DA: 6 (risen from 3)

New Articles: I wrote 2 articles this month bringing the number on site up to 17 in total. I can’t help but wonder how well this site would be doing if it had the almost 50 articles site #1 had.

Income: Income dropped a lot this month despite clicks only dropping slightly. I have no idea why but I talk about it more in the income section. Site #2 earned USD10 this month, but I received roughly 23USD in my account as previous months payments are always delayed.


Site #3: Destination Blog (Month 2)

I wrote triple the amount of articles for this site (compared to the others) in August partly I wanted to build up content, but also cause I was just in a Site #3 writing mood. My enthusiasm dropped off in the second fortnight as I had a few other things to focus on blog-wise.

I have actually impressed myself by dropping to a new level of not promoting by forgetting to pin the pins for this site. Well done me.

I don’t really know how this one will grow. As I mentioned last time I’m unsure how it will do on Pinterest, so it might be a slow SEO grower like Site #1. However its my first destination site and I’ve heard those grow faster, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Daily Traffic: It’s hard to put a daily figure on this site because as you can see its all over the place. Anywhere from 4 to 12.

DA: 5 – I did a few collabs and link swaps in the last few months so this has risen slightly.

New Articles: I wrote 6 articles this month which brings the site’s total up to 16 articles


Site #4: Destination Blog (Month 1)

I did a few articles in the first fortnight of the month and then got distracted with other tasks. I feel like here you can really see the difference between someone who has one blog and is trying to promote it VS someone on their 4th blog who is just writing a few articles to a keyword.

As I mentioned above please don’t think your blog will grow as slowly as mine. You could easily get 300-1000 visits in your first month by writing as many keyworded articles as you can and promoting the heck out of them.

This destination site is focused on a region that is less traveled, and even then not by US travelers so much. Hence I think this blog will be a slow grower as it wont do as well on Pinterest or traffic wise. I’m not going to worry too much about the numbers on this blog but instead will just work on building relevancy.

Honestly the only reason I chose this destination is because its gorgeous and I would love to be the go-to person for FAM trips there. Plus its more of a honeymoon destination so the affiliate payouts for hotels should be higher.

Daily Traffic: 1

DA: 0, but I’m trying to start getting it some links through collabs.

Articles: 4



My productivity!: I normally push out 3-4 articles each day on the weekend, which means if I ever go full time I could write a ridiculous amount of articles. However I was really only productive in the first fortnight of the month due to site building and collab writing in the second half.

My First Conference: I’ve signed up for my very first travel blogger conference and I can’t wait to meet other bloggers. While I have a ton of real life friends, none of them blog and I’ve never actually brought up that I used to do it to them. It will be great to meet other bloggers and have someone else to talk to about this and go on trips with.

Also, I’m omitting the challenges section this month as everything was pretty hunky dory. Also, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear I haven’t gotten stuck in any cardboard boxes this month.


Plans for Month #9

Last month’s plans

  1. 10 articles a fortnight: I wrote 13 for the month so I didn’t meet this. However I did spend my time productively.
  2. Earnings: I’m not sure if I just had a surge last month, or if I got really unlucky, but earnings really sucked this month. One interesting trend  spotted was that each month like clockwork I will have no sales between the 1st and around the 12th-15th of the month. The only thing I can think of is that my readers must be on a monthly pay cycle. I still get the same amount of clicks though during that period. Weird.
  3.  10% Traffic Increase: Yes raised traffic by more than 10% on each site.
  4. Pinterest articles: I would not say I focused on Pinterest worthy articles but I did write a few. I also made a dent in the backlog of pins I needed to schedule.
  5. Build 30 links: I did not build 30 links, but I did do approximately half of that! I’ve mostly done this through two Facebook groups that promote link exchanges and collabs. I think I’ll stick to a max of 3 link exchanges a month, but its pretty easy to get links through participating in collabs (and looks better to Google).
  6. Order 50 articles: I decided against this in the end but did double the amount of articles my writers will be doing starting September.
  7. Pinterest strategy: I started to develop something at the end of the month and so far the signs are positive. It’ll be interesting to see if it grows my traffic faster.


Next Month:

  1. Upload 10 articles a week: I know this is within my abilities I just have to concentrate – seriously considering cancelling my netflix subscription. That’s 4 each on Saturday and Sunday and 2 spread across the weekdays to complete after work. Also please don’t freak out if you’re feeling unproductive in reading this, remember since I have writers I’m really just adding an extra 500-1000 words, formatting, keywording and editing pictures onto an article that has most of the research already completed. I’m only really spending 1-3 hours per article.
  2. Double writer articles in lead up to conference: I’ve sent off my first doubled brief! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this as it lowers the amount of money I save each week, but I’m hoping it will pay off in the long run due to faster growth and getting me into MediaVine quicker.
  3. Pinterest: Design more Pinterest templates based on new research, and stick to pinning schedule.
  4. Site #1 to 50 articles: My plan is once there is 50 articles on a site to do a content upgrade for SEO, affiliates, and just generally making the articles more helpful. As Site #1 is fast approaching 50 I want to make sure I write the 6 articles needed so I can do the upgrade.
  5. Grow Traffic on Site #1 & Site #5 as a priority by March 2020: I’m getting 80% of the writer articles to go on these two sites before the conference. I want to grow traffic for Site #5 (going live next month) as it has great potential for Pinterest as its a popular destination for US travelers, and increase traffic for Site #1 to see if I can get into the conference FAM trips. Obviously I have a long way to go but a couple of bloggers have mentioned getting accepted (or waitlisted) into the FAMs with smaller blogs in the Facebook group. I figured I may as well give it a try, and if not atleast I’ll have more articles and traffic anyway.
  6. Start new blogs: Keep your eyes peeled next month for some new additions.
  7. Income: I’m planning to not focus on income until the blogs get around 3000 a month. While I am earning a little with one site, its an extra task that I don’t really have time for with so many sites. I just want to focus on my new Pinterest strategy and writing more content for the sites.
  8. Build 20 links
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