Quarter 1 Blog Income Report

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

While I intend to do monthly reports once things get a little more exciting, in the mean time I think its better if I stick to quarterly.

Here is how my two blogs have done in the first three months.



Site #1: Miserable

Site #2: Slightly better


As you can see both sites are doing kind of miserably, which I guess makes sense as one only has 7 articles at this point and the other has been filled mostly with SEO posts which take around 6 months to catch onto Google.

Site #1 will look miserable for a long time. Most of the articles moved here were SEO’d articles from my previous blog with a much higher DA. I expect to see traffic very low until around the 12 month point where it should jump quite a bit due to my DA rising and enough time being passed.

Site #2 however is mostly Pinterest driven so I hoped it would be a little higher. However there are only seven articles on there and I do no promotion other than creating a pin so it does makes sense.

I hope this enough proof that I have not redirected or used my previous blog to some advantage. I truly am allowing these blogs to start from scratch, and I’m not attempting to promote heavily.


Income & Expenses

Total earned: $8 

Affiliates: $8 – after finally putting a link into one of the blogs in February I made just under $8 for the quarter. YAY.

While I couldn’t buy much with that I’m excited to see I’m making sales. I remember when I had my old blog I had a couple Amazon links in popular posts and never made a cent, and I thought that affiliate marketing was just too hard.

I’m hoping this figure rises as I add more articles.

For context, the links were only in a few articles totaling around 600 views total in March on site #2. The sales were made through Amazon and Get Your Guide. If you refer back to the traffic stats you will hopefully be as impressed as I am, and it shows you can start earning from affiliates with next to no traffic.

The links weren’t put in buying articles, but in articles that would lead readers to click on affiliate links more than your average ‘Things to do in x” guide.


Total spent: $300ish

I had a few renewals and bought a few domains so I likely spent a couple of hundred this month.

I purchase loops for Tailwind, and also new hosting. My Siteground hosting came up and it was crazy expensive so I did something a little dodgy and opened a new account at promo rates, then migrated my content over. I did have some problems after my old Siteground account finished, but managed to fix it up – I’ll have to write a post on how to do this one day.

I easily saved around $500 (over three years) since the price for one year’s renewal was more expensive than 3 years at the promo rate for new accounts.



I got promoted again early on this quarter and work had a few competitions which kept me busy. Skip to the sentence in bold below if you don’t want to read through my backstory on my current job.

Honestly, this is my first proper full time job, and I never thought I was smart enough to get far in anything, and I’m baffled as to how I keep getting promoted. I love my job, I love earning a proper income and I love that I get to meet so many people, but I definitely have though days when I’m just waiting for them to find out I’m actually an idiot.

Last year before I closed my blog, the one that I was able to live off in Malaysia, I made a split second decision to move back to Australia. I missed my friends and family, a relative was close to passing, and I was entirely frustrated with traveling.

At first I intended to get a part time job so I could afford to live in Australia , mixing it with my blog income. I was earning on average around AUD1000 a month, but I needed atleast double that to live in Australia. It’s actually a little hard to find a part time job though unless you work in hospitality, but I wanted to use my degree.

When I was offered my current job we weren’t allowed to know the employer until the day we started training, but they really sold me on the culture and the things I’d be doing. It was a little mysterious, but at this point I hadn’t had much luck finding part time work so I took it.

With a full time job I decided I’d rather not continue writing sponsored posts (my main form of income) as I was getting so frustrated with them, and decided to start up my (now) current blogs next year, focusing on passive income instead. I never liked my old blog name and apart from the DA and the traffic, I didn’t care about anymore. I honestly didn’t expect to get as invested in my day job as I did, and it is a little distracting when it comes to working on my blogs.

I’d say that’s my biggest challenge, managing full time work with blogging. It’s really hard to have to cram everything into the weekends or after work, but by focusing on the right activities I feel like I can overcome this.



Not too much to phone home about but I did get a few offers for free products and sponsored posts for the site #1. Not that I want to accept any sponsored posts, nor does the site have a DA worthy of one right now, but its nice to feel ‘wanted’ ha.

Apart from that I’ve started getting some Google love for both sites, 17% (64) for site 1 and 7% (92) for site #2.


Plan for Next Quarter

These are my plans for the next quarter:

1. Add more affiliate links in – this is a little time consuming but since its how I want to make money I will have to do it. Technically its not a hard task and I should be able to do it every day before work, but I can see myself putting this off. TASK – affiliate links in each article. 

2. Write more articles across all sites. I have no specific goal for traffic as it doesn’t matter how much traffic I get right now. I need to focus on building more SEO and affiliate articles that will do well in the long term, instead of trying to make short term traffic gains. In saying that I would like it to increase at some rate, rather than go backwards. TASK –  50 articles total on site #1, 20 articles on site #2, 5 articles each on the new sites I start this quarter.

3. Start link building – I honestly can’t be bothered with guest posts but I will begrudgingly do some collabs. I also want to try and get some of the links pointing to my old blog to instead point to my new one. TASK – Complete 20 link swaps or collabs.

4. Start light promotion to social media – eg: set up auto share to Facebook, and post new links to Mix and Flipboard. TASK – Start using that promotion schedule you wrote up for quick promotional tasks.

5. Hire writers – By writers I of course mean ghostwriters and I just want them to do the boring research parts of the articles, which I’ll finish. I know SEO is something that works best over the long term so I’m happy to spend the cash now to get more articles out early. I would only advise doing this in the beginning if you know exactly which articles will get search engine traffic / affiliate conversions and have a solid understanding of SEO. Otherwise you’ll waste your money Task – Hire 2 of the writers who responded to my post, designate 2 posts a week each.

6. Earn $20 in affiliate commissions for the quarter. Its a small figure, but its realistic based on this quarter’s earnings. Task – $20 in earnings.



Written by Lexi
Lexi is a blogger who is attempting to go from beginner to full time blogger. Follow her journey.