Quarter 2 Blog Income Report

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

I have to be honest in saying that I did next to no work on these blogs this quarter. Holidays and doing a ton of overtime got in the way, however stats have improved a little despite my non-effort.



Site #1

Site #2


While I’m excited to see it increase, in comparison my last travel blog hit 20,000 visitors by the 6 month mark. However I easily put 70 hours a week into that one, while I spent roughly 5 hours a week spread across these two this quarter, plus getting ready my next two sites for launch.

I would love to see if I commit myself to 40 hours a week in the third quarter, if my traffic improves by a decent amount in the fourth quarter.

I think it can be difficult sometimes seeing others say they’re traffic is ten times what yours is and feel like you’re never going to get anywhere. I definitely felt that way with my original blog even though my travel was quite good, but now with these tiny two blogs, with significantly less traffic, I am not worried at all.

I’m confident if I keep focusing on SEO and using what I’ve learnt, that I’ll grow quite well in the long term. It’s all about laying foundations, building links and waiting for your articles to mature.


Income and Expenses

Since I was able to use some of my affiliate links for my holiday I will not include those figures in the total below. Although I did surprisingly well (for the traffic) income-wise this quarter considering I hardly touched the sites.

Total earned: USD95 

Those figures are coming from two affiliate programs, Amazon and Get Your Guide. This entire amount is from site #2.

Site #2 is earning steadily from Amazon and will make random sales from Get Your Guide. Its a nice mix as Amazon is more consistent, but GYG earnings are higher ($5-60+ commission a sale).


Total spent: USD60

I hired a writer on Upwork but am yet to upload her work, hopefully it will be live sometime this month (July). She wrote really well but delivered the articles 2 weeks late which was quite annoying. I always try my best to be considerate, but it made me remember that if you’re trying to run a business you’ve got to be less of a pushover.

I have hired 2 new writers for next quarter which both seem promising so we’ll see how that goes.



My mother precariously swinging off a cliff in Borneo


The biggest challenge I had this quarter were the issue I had with my writer, and that I decided to watch 6 seasons of ‘The 100’. I wasn’t productive at all. I don’t regret watching 6 seasons of the 100, but it definitely took over my downtime, as did the excessive amount of overtime I did.

And like last quarter, I’ve been finding it hard to push myself to work on the blog because I enjoy my job so much. However I did find it frustrating trying to schedule a 2 week holiday after having such freedom in previous travels. I’m hoping to use that to help motivate myself.

Apart from that, since I gave the blogs such little attention no other problems came up.



My traffic kept slowly increasing despite mostly ignoring the blogs for three months. Not much else to report.


Plans for Next Quarter

Last quarter’s plans:

I didn’t add any affiliate links in, I didn’t write for the sites, and I also didn’t do link building or promotion. I did meet goal #5 and #6 though, I hired a writer and I earned over $20 in affiliate income. YAY 2/6.


Next quarter:

1. Actually finish writer articles and upload them to my website. There’s 0 point in me hiring them if the articles are just going to sit on my computer collecting virtual dust.

2. Put affiliate links in every article.

3. Upload 10 articles a fortnight.

4. Do 10 link building activities a month.

5. Earn an affiliate commission from site #1 (which means I have to actually put affiliate links in.

6. Double traffic on both sites.

7.  Launch two new sites (1 x travel niche, 1 x destination).

Written by Lexi
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